Joseph F. Smith states that all ordinations of Black people must be rendered null and void.

Aug 26, 1908
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Joseph F. Smith
Scribed Paraphrase
2nd Hand

Meeting Minutes, August 26, 1908, typescript, George Albert Smith Family Papers Box 78, fd. 7, University of Utah Marriott Library Special Collections

Joseph F. Smith, Adam S. Bennion
First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

President [Joseph F.] Smith then remarked that if we take this position without any reserve and refer such people to the curse pronounced upon Cainan, giving them to understand that they are descendants of Cainan, that the curse has not been removed, and that all of his race are deprived of the rights of the priesthood because of the decree of the Almighty, and until the Lord sees fit to remove that curse it would be for them to content themselves with the privilege of receiving the First Principles of the Gospel, thereby enabling them to become members of the Church, and thereafter live righteous lives, which will bring them far greater salvation in the Kingdom of God than any other so-called Christian religion is capable of doing for them. And in closing the President added that where the priesthood may have been bestowed upon men tainted with this blood, in all such cases their ordinations must be regarded as invalid.

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