Jane Manning James indicates that her race was through Ham.

Dec 27, 1884
Jane Manning James
Scribed Verbatim

Jane Manning James, Letter to John Taylor, December 27, 1884, in Henry J. Wolfinger, "A test of faith: Jane Elizabeth James and the origins of the Utah black community," in Social Accommodation in Utah, M243.6 K73s 1975, Church History Library

Henry J. Wolfinger
Emma Hale Smith, John Taylor, Joseph Smith, Jr., Henry J. Wolfinger, Jane Manning James
John Taylor, Reading Public

I cauled at your house last [T]hursday to have some conversation with you concerning my future salvation. I did not explain my feelings or wishes to you. I realize my race & color & cant expect my Endowments as others who are white. My race was handed down through the flood & God promised Abraham that in his seed all the nations of the aerth should be blest & as this is the fullness of all dispensations. Is there no blessing for me? I with my Fathers family came from Connecticut 42 years the 14th of last Oct. I am the only one of my Fathers family that kept the faith. You know my history & according to the best of my ability I have lived to all the requairments [sic] of the Gospel When we reached Nauvoo we were 9 in the family & had traveled 9 hundred miles on foot. Bro Joseph Smith took us in & we staid with him & his family until a few day[s] of his death. Sister Emma came to me & asked me how I would like to be adopted to them as a Child. I did not comprehend her & she came again. I was so green I did not give her a decided answer & Joseph died & [I] remain as I am. If I could be adopted to him as a child my Soul would be satisfied. I had been in the Church one year when we left the East that was 42 years the 14 of last Oct.

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