In a letter to Lee, Stokes says he thought two of his men were killed for blood atonement while trying to arrest Lee.

John Doyle Lee
2nd Hand

John D. Lee, Mormonism unveiled; or, The life and confessions of the late Mormon bishop, John D. Lee (St. Louis: Bryan, Brand & Co., 1877), 268

Bryan, Brand & Company
Franklin R. Fish, David Evans, William Stokes, John Doyle Lee
General Public

We reached the place where David Evans was to meet us, some time before daylight ; he was not there. We waited until after the sun was up, but still Evans did not come. Then thinking that my plans had been found out in some way, and that my two men, Fish and Evans, were captured, and more than likely blood atoned, I concluded to act quickly and effectually.

We mounted our horses and dashed into the town at full speed. We found Evans, and learned that Fish had not been able to locate Lee, but knew that he was in town. I then ordered my men to go to different parts of the town, and to keep a good look-out, and not to let any wagon go out of town until they had searched the wagon.

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