Heber J. Richards says that apostates should be killed only if they request it.

Speech / Court Transcript
Heber J. Richards
Scribed Verbatim

R. N. Baskin, Reminiscences of Early Utah (Salt Lake City: n.p., 1914) 97-98

Frank E. McGurrin
Heber J. Richards
Reading Public

Q. Well, doctor, it has been stated upon the witness stand that if a man apostatized from the church, the duty of those who have been through the endowment house, was to go and murder or kill him. Did you hear anything of that sort? A. No, sir. I can explain to you, what I understood by that was simply this: That after I had become a member of the church, if I then fell away, I could get remission if I went voluntarily and asked for the atonement of my blood, but not without it; it must come by my desire, the same as baptism does. If I was taken out and baptized against my will, it would do me no good; and if I was killed against my will it would do me no good.

Q. And it would be appropriate when they made the request for some brother to shed his blood. A. Yes, some person who was authorized to do so.

Q. And it wouldn't be murder? A. It would be murder—it would be murder probably in the eyes of the law, but not in the eyes of the church.

Q. And that was taught? A. That was taught?

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