WS tells of BY condoning the death of AH and extra-judicial killings in Iowa.

Oct 29, 1845
News (traditional)
William Smith

William Smith, "A Proclamation," Warsaw Signal 2, no. 32 (October 29, 1845): 1

Warsaw Signal
Brigham Young, Alvine Hodge, William Smith
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I ought to have mentioned in a former place, that on one occasion, I heard Brigham Young say, on the stand, that he was glad that Alvine Hodge was killed, and that he considered those who would follow the assassins even to the Mississippi river, were neither more nor less than fools, and that he hoped all such men would "run against just such snags." That in the territory of Iowa, murderers had been hanged and he knew it, though he did not think proper to tell his hearers how he knew it. And he said further that it was far better for Alvine Hodge to die, than to live any longer in sin, for that he might now possibly be redeemed in the eternal world. That his murderers had done even a deed of charity for that such a man deserved to die. This as I before observed was stated on the public stand, and I leave the public to estimate the spirit in which they were made, and to draw their own conclusions as to whose counsel, and by what hands, the Hodges met their death, and their brother Alvine murdered in the streets of Nauvoo—the victim dying in this noble lord's dooryard.

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