Charles W. Penrose says it is justice that those who shed blood have their own blood shed.

Jul 4, 1883
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Charles W. Penrose

Charles Penrose, "An Unpardonable Offense," Deseret News, July 4, 1883, 8

Deseret News
Charles W. Penrose
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The magnitude of guild is guaged to a great extent by the knowledge of the criminal. God will judge all men by their light and opportunities. It is possible that men may shed human blood in anger or under great provocation, and receive pardon from the All-Wise Judge. But the fiat has gone forth that the blood of a murderer must be shed. That is the penalty in this world. It is the only atonement one can make who slays his fellow man unlawfully. This is the "blood atonement" referred to by some of our leading Elders in discourses that have been misrepresented by our adversaries. It is possible that one who has imbued his hands in human blood may by the sacrifice of his own life answer, so far, the ends of justice, and thus in another world have a claim upon the clemency of Him with is the author of life.

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