Heber J. Grant records that Lorenzo Snow was glad that revelation could bring a change to the priesthood ban.

Oct 1, 1890
Personal Journal / Diary
Heber J. Grant

Heber J. Grant, diary entry for October 1, 1890, Diary, Heber J. Grant collection, 1852-1945 (bulk 1880-1945), Church History Library, MS 1233

Church History Library
Lorenzo Snow, Heber J. Grant
Heber J. Grant

The matter of those having negro blood in their veins not being able to get the Priesthood unless it was a very limited proportion was chatted on. Pres Snow remarked that the killing by Cain of Abel was more than a simple murder as Cain was aware of the fact that the spirits who would have come to this world through the liniage [sic] of Abel would be deprived of that privilege on account of his act. Apel was a prince of Spirits and Cain the same and the spirits that Cain was Prince over agreed to take on themselves the sin that he had committed and to come on this earth with colored skins. There would be no redemption for them and they could not secure the Priesthood until all of those spirits that had been deprived of coming through Abel had been given tabernacles. This statement of the condition of the negro had been made to him by Pres Young about the time he was made an Apostle. He was thankful that there was no statement that the Negro should never have the Priesthood and the there would never be a day of redemption for him. He referred to the troubles that we often have to pass through and said there was one thing that we should be thankful for and that was that no matter what we had to pass through that there would always be a man at the head ^of the Church that would have the keys and who could and would give us the light as he would get the mind of the Lord.

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