Deseret News uses Cain rationale for ban.

Apr 3, 1852
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"To the Saints," Deseret News, April 3, 1852, 2

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For instance, the descendants of Cain cannot cast off their skin of blackness, at once, and immediately, although every soul of them should repent, obey the gospel, and do right from this day forward. The mark was put upon Cain, by God himself, because Cain killed his brother Abel thereby hoping to get the birthright, and secure to himself the blessings which legally belonged to Abel; but Cain could not obtain Abel's birthright by murder, as Jacob obtained Esau's by purchase of contract, paying a mess of pottage the same as buying a farm and paying a stipulated price. . . Cain did not obtain Abel's birthright and blessings though he killed him for that purpose; the blessings which belonged to Abel, descended to his posterity; and until the blessings of Abel's birthright are fully received, secured, and realized, by his (Abel's) descendants, Cain and his posterity must wear the mask which God put upon him; and his white friends may wash the race of Cain with fuller's soap every day they cannot wash away God's mark; yet, the Canaanite may believe the gospel, repent, and be baptized, and receive the Spirit of the Lord; and if he continue faithful, until Abel's race is satisfied with his blessings, then may the race of Cain receive a fulness of the priesthood, and become satisfied with blessings, and the two become as one again, when Cain has paid the uttermost farthing.

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