BYU students object to doctoring photo of KGM.

Nov 19, 1986
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Scott Clawson

Scott Clawson, Greg Sanders, and Brian Cazwell, "What trust?" Daily Universe, November 19, 1986, 4

Daily Universe
Scott Clawson, Brigham Young, Greg Sanders, Karl G. Maeser, Brian Cazwell
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In regard to the article about the painting of Principal Karl G. Maeser on the cover of the Student Directory and removing his beard: What does Student Life and Standards take us for? Principal Maeser quotes on the cover of the Student Directory, "I trust you all. I give you my confidence. I put you all on your honor."

And yet, a painting is rejected because the man, a man we admire, has a beard. Sure, there may have been a few students that raise the complaint that Principal Maeser has a beard and they can't; yet they are the inspired few.

Trust? What kind of trust does this act show? We support the leaders of this university and know of their spiritual guidance, but we would hope as students to have the trust instilled in us that Principal Maeser had. We would hope that the Student Life has more trust in us than to believe that students would want to break that modern-day honor code by having beards because Principal Maeser has a beard on the Student Directory cover.

What next? Will they chisel the beard off the statue of Brigham Young because it negatively influences us students?

Scott Clawson

Greg Sanders

Brian Cazwell

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