Brigham tells Isaac Morley that Wakara is a "friend," and they will become "white and delightsome."

May 7, 1853
Brigham Young
Scribed Verbatim

Brigham Young, Letter to Isaac Morley, May 7, 1853, Brigham Young Office Files

Thomas Bullock
Wakara, Brigham Young, Thomas Bullock, Isaac Morley
Isaac Morley

I am glad if Walker understands that the Mormons are his friends, and friends to his people. I know that we are, and that we seek to do them good all the day long, and if Walker will do right the time will come when they will become a "white and delightsome people," but if they will continue to sell their children into slavery, and rob the Indians of their children to get them to sell, and they persist in this course they will continue to decrease until they become extinct, until there is no more of them, you can tell Walker this, and also tell him to come and see me and trade, and be my Brother; if I talk to him plain it is to do him good. I could not believe that he would turn out our enemy after all his professions of friendship towards us. I want to talk with Walker about trading hereafter, I think some of sending for Indian goods and having a stock constantly on hand to trade with them. If he comes we can talk this matter over with him, and make arrangements with him for the future.

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