Brigham promises lenience to Indians who have killed and stolen.

Dec 3, 1853
Brigham Young
Scribed Verbatim

Brigham Young, Letter to Sowiet, White Eye, Pe-Teet-Neet, Ara-peen, Tee-sher-ner-shee-geeg, December 3, 1853, Brigham Young Office Files, CR 1234 1, CHL

Brigham Young
White Eye, Tee-sher-ner-shee-geeg, Sowiett, Arapene, Pe-Teet-Neet

I write to you now & say to you all, and all the Indians who have been engaged in killing any white people, or stealing any horses or cattle from them, or destroying any of their property, that if you now wish to quit such doings & be friendly, it shall be all right with me & my people, and no Indian who has killed any of my people, nor any of my people who has killed an Indian shall be hurt by either party for such conduct. If in future any of my men kills an Indian, he shall be delivered <up> to the chief of his tribe, <to be dealt with as the tribe may please>; and if any Indian kills one of my men he shall be given up to the principle man of the settlement where the white men lived to be dealt with as me please, but let all that is now done pass & be forgotten, & let no Indian nor white man be killed for it. And if in [the] future any of my men, or any Indian commits any depredation of any kind upon the other party, such one shall make restitution, or be delivered to the party he has injured.

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