BY encourages peace with Wakara.

May 22, 1850
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Brigham Young
Scribed Verbatim

Meeting Minutes, May 22, 1850, Brigham Young Office Files, Church History Library

Thomas Bullock
Ammaron, Tabba, Wakara, Brigham Young, Poroboach, Shimab, Sowiett, Panawahoe, Stick ma head, Iposaphene, Tocowet, Antonga Black Hawk, Arapene, Antara, Ovaback, Shiments, Cauican, Toquets, Paigan, Pasago, Sanpitch, Ankatush, Sicu Incun, Heber C. Kimball
Wakara, Heber C. Kimball

B.Y. Do you wish to sell your land to the Mormons? Walker. Dont want you to buy, but settle on it. Mormons love us, we love them, we are hungry now, but let it rest. Walker. Wanted to know why we took bro Taft from San Pete, he wanted Taft to take him back. BY (to D.H.) Tell him the Great Spirit loves them, and will bring them to the knowledge of the truth. It makes me feel bad to have to fight and hope I shall have no more of it. We will leave men to trade with Walker and Sowiett, we are not used to it; our business is to make them our friends and show them the difference of trading. BY then said to these my friends I want you all to be brothers tho we are strangers now, we expect to be intimately acquainted (yes) We have come here to settle on your land but our Father the Great Spirit has plenty of land for you and for the Mormons. We want you to learn to raise grain and cattle and not have to go and hunt and be exposed to other Indians, but build house, raise grain, and be happy as we are. If any of you have esteemed us to be your enemies it is because you have been enemies to us, and what has passed this last winter we want forgotten and not have another occurence [sic] but be as friends and your children go to school and learn and always do right. We have many things to say to you when you understand them, to tell you of your forefathers, who they were, if you stay here a time and trade. We hope you will get all the powder, guns, and clothes you want, and not go anywhere to trade, and if you help us to harvest will pay you in bread that you may have bread next Winter. We want you to be brothers and friends and we to you in doing good and help each other to be happy, here is one of your men, bro. Walker's now my bro. Arapine if my bro. Sowitt is a good man, and the Great Spirit teaches us what to do, and he told us to come to this country to do you good. We want you never to fight any other tribes but get your neighbors not to take what is not their own, never be enemies to each other, and when people steal, it makes me mad and then they want fight, it is not good to fight as we can get you to understand that the Great Spirit wants you to like your father and you will not have any enemies (and spake in Tongues) Do you understand? (Yes)."

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