George Fullmer speaks to Daniel H. Wells of actions taken with captive women and children.

Feb 14, 1850
George Fullmer

George Fullmer, Letter to Daniel H. Wells, February 14, 1850, Territorial Militia Records, Utah State Archives

Daniel H. Wells, George Fullmer
Daniel H. Wells

Now squaws and children were forwarded to that point for safe keeping. An express which had been sent back the evening previous <to our encampment for Spanish Fork> for provisions &c. arriving without sufficient quantity an other was started back immediately for that point to proceed forthwith provision. ...and the 6 pounds to this place. Sent also to Fort Utah acrost the [illeg] for supplies of promising Capt. Grant myself and a few others proceeded to follow our reconnaitering party who went out early this morning under the direction of Capt. Lytle and Lt. Ferguson who it appears had not proceeded for before they discovered the Indians upon the [illeg] <endeavoring> apparently to take [crossed out: "taking"] observation of our positions our party immediately gave them case killing 3 wounding one the other made his escape to the mountains & Horses over taken in this affray. None of our party have from the least injured in any of our skirmishes except Edmunds Elsworth whose arm was slightly injured in consequence of a double discharge of his 6 shooting rifle Her boys stand it prostrate on less half rations but hope we shall have a sufficient supply to night altho it is now sun down and some has yet arrived Two exploring parties were sent out after the affray this morning to ascertain if possible the exact position of the Indians in the mountains having returned without success. . . thoroughly exploring this ride of the mountains to the southern extramity of the Lake where we will probably divide our party returning round the [illeg] side of the lake thence across the Ice to Fort Utah and the other to the sam[e] point by way of the Petato[illeg] and Spanish Fork encampment had our supplies arrive as anticipated we should have made the Southern termentation of the Lake to day.

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