Poem by JMcF mentions Kolob in the context of a comet.

Jul 11, 1874
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"J. McF."

J. McF., "Gazing at the Comet," The Ogden Junction 2, no. 252 (July 11, 1874): [3]

The Ogden Junction
"J. McF."
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State barge of the gods, in amazement and wonder

The eyes of Earth's millions are turning to


The arcs of thine orbit philosophers ponder,

To search out thy path through eternity's sea.

O what is thy mission? Is guaging the forces

The aim of thy trip through the regions afar?

Do Kolob or Libra abate in their courses

And threatened at space with material war?

Is thy luminous train an electric renewer,

Refreshing all circles whose pulses beat low?

Or bear'st thou some mighty celestial reviewer

To mark if the systems don't reel to and fro.

Art thou fresh from chaotic fountain of


Where slumber the yet unborn germs of new


Where the brooding great life-giving power ne'er


Eternal, unchanged through immensity's years?

O vast are the depths! and the soul faints in reach


To grasp mighty causes that gave thee thy


O science immortal! inspire by thy teaching

The embryo gods, who inhabit the earth.

Revelations of science! Ah tis all revelation.

The blind only prate of original power,

With the shade hover'ing near of thy grave habi-


Be humble O creature, the moth of an hour.

Tis circle on circle and endless progression,

And sphere above sphere through the regions

of space

All right-angled action must fail in posession

And win the blind to[?]ler no prize in the race.

Then as upward we gave at the glories above us

And wonder till earth almost fades from our


Taught by thee, let us think of the fathers who

love us

To ourselves, to the Gods and to nature be true,

J. McF

BHR Staff Commentary

This poem was about a comet designated as C/1874 H1 which was a large and very visible comet in the sky during the summer of 1874, sometimes referred to as the "Great Comet of 1874."

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