Henry W. Naisbitt writes poem that evokes Kolob.

Sep 1891
Henry W. Naisbitt

Henry W. Naisbitt, "A Glimpse—Or More?" The Contributor 12, no. 11 (September 1891): 405

The Contributor
Henry W. Naisbitt
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There are words that will linger for aye;

There are thoughts that forever will burn;

In the caverns of memory they stay;

Or unwelcome, at times, they return!

There are songs that we cannot forget;

There is music that wraps by its spell;

There are faces we long ago met,

And longings we never can tell!

Not because these were good, or were ill,

Because they brought pleasure or pain;

They captured the heart and the will,

As if loved once before—then again!

An echo! A dream! When or where?

In the cycles of infinite past?

Did we know? Did we feel over there?

Were there memories then, of a past?

Comes answer to queries of soul?

Are enigmas forever unsolved?

While this speck, called the earth, is to roll,

Or the universe changeless revolved?

Is't a silent, immutable law,

That nothing shall perish or die?

That word, thought, and act, without flaw.

Are impressed where eternities fly?

That waters of Lethe, in vain,

May lave all these records of old?

While the past, present, future, remain,

Indestructible, even as gold?

Ah, Thought! Ah, my memory, how strange,

Thou product of mind-of the soul!

A spark, with Divinity's range;

A part of that marvelous whole!

Enshrined in the meanest of clay,

Yet destined forever to swell,

From vision of limit—to-day,

Then the secrets of Godhead to tell!

Nay, to reach that magnificent height,

Past Kolob's unquenchable fires;

To dwell with the Gods in that light,

Which the humblest in earth-life inspires!

Doth it blind? This ineffable ray!

Is it wisdom to man first revealed?

But a flash from the glory of day,

But a glimpse of design unrepealed!

As we bend to our "toil" once again,

Give strength, Lord, to fathom the right,

Thy Spirit the old thought to retain,

And the "new one" forever indite!

Henry W. Naisbitt.

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