Zina D. Young recalls hearing from Joseph how an angel with a drawn sword commanded him to practice plural marriage.

Jan 12, 1895
Zina D. Young
Scribed Verbatim
2nd Hand

"Joseph, the Prophet. His Life and Mission as Viewed by Intimate Acquaintances," Salt Lake Herald Church and Farm Supplement, January 12, 1895, 211–212

Salt Lake Herald Church and Farm Supplement
Zina D. Young, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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Zina D. H. Smith

"I received a testimony for myself from the Lord of this work, and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God before I ever saw him, while I resided in the state of New York, given in answer to prayer. I knew him in his lifetime, and know him to have been a great, true man, and a servant of God."

The speakers also related in detail her experience and impressions on the occassion when President Brigham Young seemed to the whole congregation to be the Prophet Joseph, and her convictions were the same as those related by Bishop Burton.

Continuing, she said: "I wish to bear my testimony to the principle of celestial marriage, that it is true. When I think of the man that took his life in his hands and went from place to place where God told him to go, and in the midst of persecutions, trials and vexations of every kind, made covenant with the women of God that have stood true to him—most of them—when I think of his integrity, and of his obedience, I think what a lesson it should be to us, that we know that he did not do this of his own accord. He sent word to me by my brother, saying, "Tell Zina I put it off and put it off till an angel with a drawn sword stood by me and told me if I did not establish that principle upon the earth, I would lose my position and my life." President Young told us in several places—said he, 'Brethren, if you want wives take them, for the time will come when you can't.' But thanks to our Heavenly Father, there are many left upon the earth who were born under the celestial covenant, although they do not at present appreciate their position. The day will come when they will feel the Spirit of God resting upon them, and they will feel that it is an honor to be born in that covenant. I feel to bear my testimony to the truth of this work. I know it is the work of God, and that Joseph Smith was His prophet, and that Brigham Young was his successor, and those by whom I am surrounded are holy men, living to the best of their understanding, according to His will. Joseph Smith said: 'All you who will not find fault with the words of life and salvation that God reveals through me for the salvation of the human family, I will stand like an officer of the gate, and I will see you safe through into the celestial kingdom.' I became his wife at this time in Nauvoo, and I never in my life had a rebellious thought against that principle, for which I thank the Lord."

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