Patty Bartlett Sessions recalls her and David Sessions's conversion to the Church.

Jun 1860
Patty Bartlett Sessions

Patty Bartlett, Diary, June 1860, in Donna Toland Smart, ed., Mormon Midwife: The 1846–1888 Diaries of Patty Bartlett Sessions (Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 1997), 276

Utah State University Press
David Sessions, Patty Bartlett Sessions

Patty Bardett daughter of Enoch and Anne Bardett was born February 41795 <Bethel Mane> and was married to David Sessions June 28th 1812 who was the son of David and Rachel Sessions, he was born April the 4th 1790 Veshire Vermont I was Baptised into the church of Jesus christ <of later day saints> July 2 1834 Mr Sessions was Baptised Aug<st> 1835 we received our we received our endowment Dec 161845 in Nauvoo Rosilla Cowin was sealed to Mr Sessions Oct= 3 1845 by Brigham Young Nauvoo Harriet Teaples was sealed to him Jan= 13 1850 <by Brigham Young> G S L he died August 11 1850 G S L City

I was sealed to Joseph Smith by Willard Richards March 9 1842 in Newel K Whitneys chamber Nauvoo for <time and all eternity> Eternity and I and if I do not live to attend to it myself when there is a place prepared I want some one to attend to it for me according to order Sylvia <my daughter> was presant when I was sealed to Joseph Smith. I was after Mr Sessions death sealed to John Parry senior for time on the 27 of March 1852 G S L City

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