Nathan Tanner jr. reported David Whitmer said Joseph alternated between the Urim and Thummim and a seer stone.

Feb 17, 1909
Nathan A. Tanner, Jr.
2nd Hand

Nathan A. Tanner Jr., Letter to Nathan A. Tanner, February 17, 1909, 2, MS 4190, Church History Library

Nathan A. Tanner, Jr.
Nathan A. Tanner, David Whitmer, Joseph Smith, Jr., Nathan A. Tanner, Jr.
Nathan A. Tanner

He [David Whitmer] said that Joseph was separated from the scribe by a blanket, as I remember; that he had the Urim and thummim, and a chocklet colored stone, which he used alternately, as suited his convenience, and he said he believed Joseph could as well accomplish the translation by looking into a hat, or any other stone, as by the use of the Urim or the chocklate colored stone. David expressed absolute faith in the Prophet’s power to get any information he desired, and by any means he should adopt for the purpose. I mean he appeared to have absolute faith in Josephs power with God, to get any information he wished for. And he did not think that either the Urim or the stone he had were essential, or absolutely essential, to the obtaining of the information.

He said that Joseph would--as I remember-place the manuscript beneath the stone or Urim, and the Characters would appear in English, which he would spell out, and they would remain there until the word was fully written and corrected, when it would disappear and another word appear, etc.

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