Obadiah Dogberry (in work of fan-fiction) writes about how Joseph used the Spectacles to translate the Book of Mormon.

Jun 12, 1830
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Abner Cole

Obadiah Dogberry, The Reflector (Palmyra, New York), June 12, 1830, 36-37

The Reflector, Abner Cole
Joseph Smith, Jr., Luman Walters, Abner Cole
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2. Now Walters, the Magician, was a man unseemly to look upon, and to profound ignorance added the most consummate impudence,—he obeyed the summons of the idle and slothful, and produced an old book in an unknown tongue, (Cicero’s Orations in latin,) from whence he read in the presence of the Idle and Slothful strange stories of hidden treasures and of the spirit who had the custody thereof. 3. And the Idle and Slothful paid tribute unto the Magician, and besought him saying, Oh! thou who art wise above all men, and can interpret the book that no man understandeth, and can discover hidden things by the power of thy enchantments, lead us, we pray thee to the place where the Nephites buried their treasure. . . . Now the rest of the acts of the magician, how his mantle fell upon the prophet Jo. Smith Jun. and how Jo. made a league with the spirit, who afterwards turned out to be an angel, and how he obtained the “Gold Bible,” Spectacles, and breast plate—will they not be faithfully recorded in the book of Pukei?

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