William McLellin claims that Joseph translated plates with engravings in an inspired way.

Aug 4, 1832
William McLellin
2nd Hand

William E. McLellin letter, Independence, Missouri to Samuel McLelin, Carthage, Tennessee, August 4, 1832, microfilm, photocopy of holograph, MS 617, Church History Library

William McLellin
Samuel Smith, Reynolds Cahoon, Joseph Smith, Jr., William McLellin, Samuel McLelin
Samuel McLelin

Some time in July 1831, Two men [Elders Samuel H. Smith and Reynolds Cahoon] came to Paris & held an evening meeting. . . . They said that in September 1827 an Angel appeared to Joseph Smith (in Ontario Co. New York) and showed to him the confusion on the earth respecting true religion. It also told him to go a few miles distant to a certain hill and there he should find some plates with engravings, which (if he was faithful) he should be enabled to translate. He went as directed and found plates (which had the appearance of fine Gold) about 8 inches long 5 or 6 wide and alltogether about 6 inches thick; each one about as thick as thin paste board fastened together and opened in the form of a book containing engravings of reformed Egyptian Hieroglyphical characters: which he was inspired to translate and the record was published in 1830 and is called the book of Mormon.

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