Richard McNemar writes in his journal that Joseph translated with 2 transparent stones in a hat.

Jan 29, 1831
Personal Journal / Diary
Richard McNemar
2nd Hand

Richard McNemar, Diary entry for January 29, 1831, 45-46, Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Shaker Collection, Item 253

Richard McNemar
Richard McNemar, Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery
Richard McNemar

The engraving being unintelligible to learned & unlearned. there is said to have been in the box with the plates two transparent stones in the form of spectacles thro which the translator looked on the engraving & afterwards put his face into a hat & the interpretation then flowed into his mind. which he uttered to the amanuensis who wrote it down, The said amanuensis by name Oliver Cowdery, was lately at the North lot & gave this account . . . there being no intelligible correspondence between the marks on the plates, & the dictates of the pretended interpreter. All his ideas were acquired by looking into a hat, where in all probability the translation appeared quite plainly in our english language. we must therefore conclude that the confabulation was cunningly devised, whether by visibles or invisibles & whether those bright & unsullied plates had been deposited in ancient or modern times.

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