"AWB" reports that Joseph used glass-looking techniques to translate the Book of Mormon.

Apr 9, 1831
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A. W. B.

“Mormonites,” Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate (Utica, New York) 2, no. 15 (April 9, 1831): 120

Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate
Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate, Josiah Stowell, A. W. B., Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery
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For several years preceding the appearance of his book, he was about the country in the character of a glass- looker: pretending, by means of a certain stone, or glass, which he put in a hat, to be able to discover lost goods, hidden treasures, mines of gold and silver, & c. . . . Oliver Cowdry, one of the three witnesses to the book, testified under oath, that said Smith found with the plates, from which he translated his book, two transparent stones, resembling glass, set in silver bows. That by looking through these, he was able to read in English, the reformed Egyptian characters, which were engraved on the plates. So much for the gift and power of God. by which Smith says he translate his book. Two transparent stones, undoubtedly of the same properties, and the gift of the same spirit as the one in which he looked to find his neighbor’s goods. It is reported, and probably true, that he commenced his juggling by stealing and hiding property belonging to his neighbors, and when inquiry was made, he would look in his stone, ( his gift and power) and tell where it was. Josiah Stowell, a Mormonite, being sworn, testified that he positively knew that said Smith never had lied to, or deceived him, and did not believe he ever tried to deceive any body else.

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