Frederic Mather interviews various town-folk and produces an account which describes Joseph as nailing blankets to the wall during the translation.

Jun 29, 1880
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Frederic G. Mather
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“The Early Mormons. Joe Smith Operates at Susquehanna,” Binghamton Republican, July 29, 1880 in Dan Vogel, ed., Early Mormon Documents, 5 vols. (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 2002), 4:355

Binghamton Republican
Martin Harris, Reuben Hale, Frederic G. Mather, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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Joe Smith would write the translation from his plates upon a slate, or dictate what to write, and others would copy upon paper. His assistants were witness Martin Harris, and brother-in-law Reuben Hale. The translating and writing were done in the little low chamber of Joe Smith’s house. The Prophet and his precious trust were screened even from the sight of his clerks by blankets nailed to the walls. The nails remained for many years just as they were driven by the Prophet, and it was not until some repairing was done a short time ago that they were drawn out. Neighbors were free to call at the house as much as they pleased while the bible was concocting, and the matter of the golden bible would be talked over. Some persons were permitted to lift the pillow case in which it was kept, and feel the thickness of the volume the plates made, but no one was permitted to see them.

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