Charles Anthon tells T.W. Coit that Martin Harris told him that Joseph translated the plates with "a very large pair of spectacles."

Apr 3, 1841
Charles Anthon

Charles Anthon to Reverend T. W. Coit, April 3, 1841, in John A. Clark, Gleanings By the Way (Philadelphia: W. J. & J. K. Simon, 1842), 234–35

W. J. & J. K. Simon
John A. Clark, Charles Anthon, Joseph Smith, Jr., T. W. Coit
T. W. Coit

On my asking him by whom the copy was made, he gravely stated, that along with the golden book there had been dug up a very large pair of spectacles! so large in fact that if a man were to hold them in front of his face, his two eyes would merely look through one of the glasses, and the remaining part of the spectacles would project a considerable distance sideways! These spectacles possessed, it seems a very valuable property, of enabling any one who looked through them, (or rather through one of the lenses,) not only to decypher the characters on the plates, but also to comprehend their exact meaning, and be able to translate them!! My informant assured me that this curious property of the spectacles had been actually tested, and found to be true. A young man, it seems, had been placed in the garret of a farmhouse, with a curtain before him, and having fastened the spectacles to his head, had read several pages in the golden book, and communicated their contents in writing to certain persons stationed on the outside of the curtain. He had also copied off one page of the book in the original character, which he had in like manner handed over to those who were separated from him by the curtain, and this copy was the paper which the countryman had brought with him.

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