Francis Barrett describes how a man can use a stone to find treasure.

Francis Barrett

Francis Barrett, The Magus (London: Lackington, Allen, and Company, 1801), 64

Lackington, Allen, and Co.
Francis Barrett
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Of the Preparation of a Man to qualify him for the Search of this Treasure ; and of the first Matter (prima materia) of the Stone.

Lesson I.

The preparation for this work is simply this: ---Learn to cast away from thee all vile affections--- all levity and inconstancy of mind ; let all thy dealings be free from deceit and hypocrisy ; avoid the company of vain young men ; hate all profligacy, and profane speaking.

Lesson II.

Keep thy own, and thy neighbours' sects ; court not the favours of the rich ; despite not the poor, for he who does will be poorer than the poorest.

Lesson III.

Give to the needy and unfortunate what little thou canst spare ; for he that has but little, whatever he spares to the miserable, God shall amply reward him.

Lesson IV.

Be merciful to those who offend thee, or who have injured thee ; for what must that man's heart be, who would take heavy vengeance on a slight offence? Thou shalt forgive thy brother until seventy times seven.

Lesson V.

Be not hasty to condemn the actions of others, lest thou shouldst, the next hour, fall into the very same error ; despise scandal and tattling ; let thy words be few.

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