DS says baptism of "this people" (Remnants) is valid, not LDS church's.

Sep 11, 2016
Speech / Court Transcript
Denver Snuffer

Denver Snuffer, "Doctrine of Christ:," speech, Boise, Idaho, September 11, 2016, accessed July 2, 2021

Restoration Archive (Remnant)
Denver Snuffer
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If you believe this Doctrine of Christ, you are required to be baptized and then declare Christ’s Doctrine to others.

The first time I was visited by the Lord, He showed me just how significant baptism is to abide the day of His return. He showed me baptism is of central importance to preparing for His return.

What He revealed did not seem to involve the baptism offered by the LDS Church. At the time I was a devout Latter-day Saint and did not understand how that could be possible. He revealed future events, and therefore for me to understand, more time needed to pass. The things I saw did not appear to give any greater meaning to baptism offered by the LDS church than baptism by any other denomination.

I have since come to understand that the form of baptism in the LDS church has been changed, and no longer conforms to the Doctrine of Christ. Like all other churches, that institution declares both more and less than Christ’s doctrine, and claims to establish it as His.

In the intervening years I have come to see that the baptism now offered by you, this people, appears to be the only one offered on earth that meets the requirements of what I was shown by the Lord years ago. For this reason it is important for us to baptize as many as will accept the Doctrine of Christ.

Since we do not ask others to become part of a new institution, nor demand they accept anything other than the Doctrine of Christ, we can and should baptize anyone willing.

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