DS affirms JS as a prophet of God.

Denver Snuffer

Denver C. Snuffer, Jr., Passing the Heavenly Gift (Salt Lake City: Mill Creek Press, 2011), 40

Mill Creek Press
Denver Snuffer, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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Baptism did not end the inquiry for me. Since becoming Mormon I have read, prayed, reflected and troubled over Joseph's life, teachings and record from the time the missionaries introduced the sympathetic accounts of his life until now. . . . I have appreciated the church's decision to release the Joseph Smith Papers, and I await release of each volume. I read them from cover to cover to reaffirm what I know, discover what I don't know, and test anew my assumptions about him. To me, Joseph Smith has emerged as a full featured human soul. He had many virtues. He was insecure about his education, he was confident in his testimony, he was patient with the vulnerable, and only impatient with those who should know better. He was at times brash, and at other times too hesitant. I think I understand him as well as any person who has reviewed the written record about him. I've prayed for guidance in reaching a conclusion about him. From my careful examination, I have grown to have such confidence in Joseph Smith's calling as a prophet of God that I willingly base my eternal expectations on the decision. But no other person should trust what I have to say. The issue is too important for anyone to rely on another. Make your own investigation. Reach your own conclusion. As you do you will encounter the miraculous and the Divine.

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