DS affirms JS practiced polygamy, speculates why.

Mar 22, 2015
Speech / Court Transcript
Denver Snuffer

Denver C. Snuffer, "Plural Marriage," transcript, denversnuffer.com, March 22, 2015, accessed July 21, 2021

Fanny Alger, Denver Snuffer, Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery
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If Joseph Smith had the foresight of a prophet, it is reasonable to assume it was a deliberate, witting decision to leave the record uniformed by his own account of the chronology of plural marriage. More interesting still is that likewise neither Oliver Cowdery nor Fanny Alger thought it our business to tell us definitively what went on as plural marriage was introduced, first in theory, and then in practice . . . As a result of this omission we have the freedom to guess if we lack the self-control to refrain from doing so. In a circumstance in which we are left to venture out own speculation about the matter, I first ask the question, “why?” Is there a purpose behind leaving us on our own to sort out something so shocking, culturally out of step and deeply personal as plural marriage? I venture to offer it was wittingly done precisely to prove us. Our reaction to this topic lets us put on display what is in our heart. We get to project onto the blank screen something about ourselves as we expose our presumptions, suspicions, and attributions to Joseph Smith.

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