DS describes the apostasy of the Church and why the "pernicious system" must end.

Mar 22, 2015
Speech / Court Transcript
Denver Snuffer
Scribed Verbatim

Denver Snuffer, "Plural Marriage," transcript, March 22, 2015, 48, access date July 29, 2021

Denver Snuffer, Brigham Young
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No matter how much you may respect Brigham Young, no matter how much you may admire the pioneers in all that they went through, and no matter how much you may respect the sacrifices that were made by good women who were trying to obey God, and put their hearts on an altar, they failed and were condemned. The faithful followers have earned my respect for what they did. They have preserved enough for us to go on. But the men who led were responsible errors and they will be held to account for those errors. Women followed these errant men in faith, obeyed and sustained them to lead, did what they could to support their men, raised their children in righteousness as they understood it. As has been so often the case, men apostatize from their responsibility and women remained true and faithful to theirs. Mothers were mothers still, even under that pernicious system. But it needs to come to an end. It must end in order for something ever so much better to finally return. If it does not, those who hold to it will not be numbered among the Family of God when it is restored.

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