Interview with BYJ says BY was investigating Bear Lake Monster.

Aug 31, 1869
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“The Mormons,” Chicago Evening Journal, August 18, 1869 in The New York Times, August 31, 1869, 15

Chicago Evening Journal, New York Times, Unknown
Snake Indians, Brigham Young, Brigham Young, Jr., Unknown, Bear Lake Monster
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But his talk was chiefly of material things, especially of the big sea serpent which is alleged to exist in Bear Lake, a hundred and fifty miles to the north of here. The Utes have long had a legend of a monster whom they name Devil, and believe to exist in Utah Lake, to the south of here. Stories are told by them of its fatal apparitions, and they hold that any person venturing within the waters of the lake, though but to bathe his ankles, will certainly be seized and destroyed by the monster. The Snake Indians, living in the northern valley, around Bear Lake, have a similar legend; but while there is no reliable evidence to support the former, the Bear Lake serpent has been seen by a dozen credible witnesses, sagacious and veracious. (if such qualities coexist in this community.) whose affidavits, says BRIGHAM Junior, the 'President' has taken, being determined to sift this matter to its uttermost grain, and ascertain whether of a truth it be an honest tale of a serpent, or only a fish story. These men, whom BRIGHAM Junior says it were impossible to deceive in such a matter, all depose and say that they jointly and severally beheld dashing through the waters of Bear Lake a monstrous-looking creature, with a head like the head of a horse, projecting far out of the water, and a body apparently stretching back many yards to the rear, and lashing the water into a terrible foam.

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