Article on Bear Lake monster sightings.

Aug 27, 1868
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Deseret Evening News
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"President Young's Trip North," Deseret Evening News, August 27, 1868, 2

Deseret Evening News
Brigham Young, George Q. Cannon, Charles Rich DELETED, Joseph C. Rich, Deseret Evening News
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We have had conversation with Bro. Char[illegible] Rich and other brethren from Bear Lake Valley respecting the monsters which have been seen in the Lake, an account of which, from the pen of Bro. Joseph C. Rich, was published in the EVENING NEWS a short time ago. They all firmly believe the account as published. They consider the testimony that has been given by so many individuals, who have seen these creatures in so many places and under a variety of circumstances, indisputable. They would believe these persons upon any other subject, and they can not withhold their credence - incredible as the existence of such monsters may appear - from what they say they saw in the Lake. We should conclude that there are very few, if any, persons in Bear Lake Valley who doubt the statements which have been made. The Indian's traditions corroborate all that has been said of these creatures. It is well known that the Indians will not camp near the Lake, and they have never been known to bathe in its waters. They have persisted in stating that there were terrible monsters in the Lake, of which they were in fear, two of their tribe having within the memory of some of their number, been carried off by them. If one or two persons only had seen and described them, it might be set down, even if they were persons of good judgement and credibility, as an optical delusion; but they have been lately seen by numbers, and at different times and places, and their descriptions agree, and they also agree with the accounts of the Indians. Various plans have been suggested for the capture of one or more of them; but no attempt has yet been made. We hope that some plan may be devised that will be successful. Until the question of their existence is settled, and something learned of their nature and habits, if such monsters are actually there, the Lake will not be a very common place of resort for fishermen. One of those who are said to have seen them last, timed their speeds while passing from one well known point to another on the other side of the Lake, with his watch, and if the description can be relied upon, a boat would stand no chance of escaping if they were pursued or came in contact with it. Our readers who are familiar with the accounts we have published of these creatures can form their own conclusions respecting them. The accounts are fish, decidedly so; but we cannot dispute the persons who make them. Some of the persons who have seen them we know, and their truthfulness is unquestionable. We must believe they saw something remarkable, whether monsters or not we hope time will soon decide.

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Note that George Q. Cannon was the editor for the Deseret Evening News.

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