Mervin B. Hogan documents the deliberations and resolutions within the Utah Masonic community regarding the exclusion of members from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Mervin B. Hogan

Mervin B. Hogan, The Origin and Growth of Utah Masonry and Its Conflict with Mormonism (Salt Lake City, UT: Campus Graphics, 1978), 14

Mervin B. Hogan
W. I. Snyder, Mervin B. Hogan, Fred Clement Schramm, F. M. Foster, Samuel Paul, Charles Wesley Morse, J. O. Daniel, Parley Lycurgus Williams
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the Grand Secretary has referred certain matters and begs leave to report:

1. The first matter is in the hands of a special committee (the matter of Masonic Clubs) and has been reported on.

2. The other matters, as we understand it, are in the hands of the Jurisprudence Committee. If we are wrong about this, inasmuch as they propose certain legislation, we recommend that they be referred to the Jurisprudence Committee.

W. I. SNYDER, [Argenta, 3]

F. M. FOSTER, [Story, 4]

J. O. Daniel [Unity, 18]

Committee on Unfinished Business

On motion, referred to the Committee on Jurisprudence.

The implicit second statement alludes to the matter of Mormon Masons, which at that time was formally introduced into Utah Masonry for the first time.

The following majority and minority reports were presented:

To the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, F.&A.M. of Utah:

We, of your Committee on Jurisprudence, to whom was referred the resolution of Brother W. I. Snyder, relative to membership in the Mormon Church, beg leave to report, recommending the adoption of the following resolution:

WHEREAS: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly called the Mormon Church, is an organization, the teachings and regulations of which are incompatible with membership in the Masonic Fraternity, therefore:

BE IT RESOLVED: That a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly called the Mormon Church, is not eligible to become a member of any Lodge F.&A.M., in this State, and membership in such Church shall be sufficient grounds for expulsion.

Fraternally submitted,

C. W. MORSE, [Wasatch, 1]

P. L. WILLIAMS, [Mt. Moriah, 2]

SAMUEL PAUL, [Wasatch, 1]

F. C. SCHRAMM, [Weber, 6]

Of the Committee on Jurisprudence.

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