John Taylor promises patriotic principles will protect Black people as well as "any other man."

Apr 6, 1844
Speech / Court Transcript
John Taylor
Scribed Verbatim

John Taylor, Address, April 6, 1844, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed May 13, 2021

Jonathan Grimshaw
John Taylor
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I see those who are actuated by patriotic and noble principles, who will stand up in defence of the oppressed, of whatever country, nation, color or clime. I see it in their countenances; it is planted by the spirit of God; they have received it from the great Eloheim, <​and​> all the power or influence of mobs, priestcraft and corrupt men cannot quench it; it will burn; it is comprehensive as the designs of God, and as expansive as the universe, and reaches to all the world, no matter whether it was an Indian, a negro, or any other man, or set of men that are oppressed, you would stand forth in their defence. I say unto you continue to cherish those principles; let them expand; and if the tree of liberty has been blasted in this nation— if it has been gnawed by worms, and already blight has overspread it, we will stand up in defence of our liberties, and proclaim ourselves free in time and in eternity.

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