Nauvoo Neighbor reports that a Black man was involved in a crime and he was burned to death.

Jun 14, 1843
News (traditional)
Nauvoo Neighbor

"A Negro Burned," Nauvoo Neighbor, June 14, 1843, 2

Nauvoo Neighbor
Nauvoo Neighbor
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"In the western part of Missouri, near the Chocktaw line, on the Poteau River, about the 6th inst the Indians murdered a man by the name of Cox. A negro, who was a participant, fled with the savages to the Indian country, but were overtaken, brought back, and delivered to the civil authorities. They confessed that they committed the crime. It appears, from their statements, that the Indians shot Mr. Cox, and at the report of the gun, Mrs. Cox ran to the door, and the negro knocked her down with an axe and killed her, and then killed a small child and cut its head off. They then robbed the house, and found something like a thousand dollars. They were placed in jail, but the populace became so much enraged that they went to the jail, and took the negro out, tied him to a stake, and burned him to death."

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