Hugh B. Brown says "load him with bitter racial prejudice and you have a Disraeli."

Oct 5, 1963
Speech / Court Transcript
Hugh B. Brown
Scribed Verbatim

Hugh B. Brown, Conference Report (October 1963):86

Conference Report
Benjamin Disraeli, Walter Scott, Walter P. Chrysler, George Washington, Hugh B. Brown, Arturo Toscanini, Theodore Roosevelt, Paul Speicher, Sarah Bernhardt, John Bunyan
Latter-day Saints

But perhaps some of you say, "Well, I have some handicaps." Sarah Bernhardt had as her motto, "In spite of everything." Paul Speicher writing in one of the magazines about what happens to men who refuse to be stopped, reminds us of some statistics, reminds us of what can happen to a man if he has the will to do, and knows what he wants to do. "Cripple a man and you have a Sir Walter Scott; put him in prison and you have a Bunyan; bury him in the snow at Valley Forge and you have a George Washington; have him born in abject poverty and you have an Abraham Lincoln; load him with bitter racial prejudice and you have a Disraeli; afflict him with asthma until as a boy he lies choking in his father's arms and you have a Theodore Roosevelt; stab him with rheumatic pains until for years he cannot sleep without an opiate and you have a Steinmetz; put him in a grease pit in a locomotive round house and you have a Walter P. Chrysler; make him a second fiddle in an obscure orchestra in South America and you have a Toscanini."

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