Clifford E. Young celebrates lack of racial animosity in congregation in Hawaii.

Apr 6, 1955
Speech / Court Transcript
Clifford E. Young
Scribed Verbatim

Clifford E. Young, Conference Report (April 1955): 74

Conference Report
Clifford E. Young
Latter-day Saints

In that assembly were Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, and I repeat again, people from all nations. Brethren and sisters, as I looked over that assembly I thought, here is an example of the gospel being preached to all nations. The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is ultimately to leaven the lump. The Lord promised that an angel should fly through the midst of heaven, preaching the everlasting gospel to every nation that dwells upon the earth, and then he said the end should come. He did not mean the end of peoples, he meant the end of wickedness, the end of unrighteousness. And I thought I saw reflected in that assembly the purposes of the Almighty being accomplished — no hatred, no animosities, no class prejudices, no racial hatreds, but all assembled under one great banner, of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and dedicated to one holy purpose.

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