JAW rejects notions of "master race."

Aug 31, 1945
John A. Widtsoe

John A. Widstoe, "Is There A Master Race?" Improvement Era 48, no. 8, August 1945, 461

Improvement Era
John A. Widtsoe
Latter-day Saints

The "master race" claims, as used in this war, are sheer poppycock, used by characterless men to further their own interests. There has never been a monopoly of mastery in human achievement by any one nation. To claim so is simply to allow lawless nationalism to run wild. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that there is the possibility of a true "master race" or group, excelling all others in human powers. Its membership will include all who seek truth, and, having discovered it, set about at any sacrifice to accept and to practice it. They have acquired mastery over themselves. The Master of that group will be Jesus, the Christ. Conformity to his plan of salvation for men will be their law, for thereby they will win the desired health and strength of body, mind, and spirit. Thus they will move towards perfection. The objective of this group will be not only to help themselves, but also to bless all mankind, and to lift all men to their own stature. That is the difference between the false 'master race,' and the true redeeming leadership of the world. The first is selfish; the other unselfish. The first is limited to one nation; the other covers the world believing that 'of one blood hath God made all men.' The first is of the devil; the other of God. The 'master race' doctrine of the late war was an ugly delusion conceived by the powers of evil, whose prince is Satan, the devil.

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