Grant tells a morality story using a minstrel show and n-word.

Oct 6, 1900
Speech / Court Transcript
Heber J. Grant
Scribed Verbatim

Heber J. Grant, Conference Report (October 1900): 40

Conference Report
Heber J. Grant
Latter-day Saints

I went to a negro minstrel show once, and there were about ten or fifteen on the stage. One of them rushed in with his hat off and said, "which of these here niggers am lost two dollars?" holding up a two dollar bill. There hadn't any of them lost two dollars. "Well," he said, "if none of you have lost it, I found these two dollars right by the door here and it is my money." They said all right, and he put it in his pocket. No sooner had he got it in his pocket than up jumped a nigger and said: "Look here,George Washington Jones, you owe me two dollars; pay your honest debts!" He handed the two dollars to him. Another nigger jumps up and says: "Look here, Julius Cseser Brown, you owes me two dollars; pay your debt." He got it, and in this way it went clear round. When the last man got it, up jumps George Washington Jones, and says: "Here, give me back the two dollars; you owes me two dollar. ' No sooner had he got it in his pocket than & fellow rushes in and said "which of you niggers has found two dollars?" George Washington Jones took it out of his pocket and said: "Here, take your money and go home; we've all paid our debts.

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