JFS uses story of GW to show black people should not outdo white people in courtesy.

Apr 9, 1905
Joseph F. Smith
Scribed Verbatim

Joseph F. Smith, Deseret Sunday School Union Semi-Annual Conference (April 1905): 85

Conference Report
George Washington, Joseph F. Smith
Latter-day Saints

I believe in the example that was set by the illustrious father of our country. On one occasion, it is told of him, as he was passing along with some of his aides, dressed in his uniform as general of the armies of the United States, that he met a colored man. The colored man, most reverently and courteously took off his hat and made a low bow to the general. The general took off his hat and bowed as courteously to the colored man. His associate generals .'remonstrated with him. They said, "General, it is beneath your dignity to bow to a negro." General Washington turned to them and said, "Gentlemen, I cannot afford to have a negro outdo me in courtesy." So it would be well for us as Latter-day Saints, and as the children of the Latter-day Saints, and as the teachers of the children of this people, to teach courtesy and respect toward all mankind.

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