B. H. Roberts discusses blood atonement and William Hooper Young.

Sep 23, 1902
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B. H. Roberts
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"Young Badly Frightened on Arrival in New York," The Standard Union, September 23, 1902, 1

The Standard Union
William Hooper Young, B. H. Roberts
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Headed by B. H. Roberts, of Utah, the Mormons of Chicago and throughout the country are protesting that the doctrine of "blood atonement" of that church was behind the murder of Mrs. Anna Pulitzer. In an interview, Mr. Roberts said:

"It is contemptible, mean and unjust to charge the murder of Mrs. Pulitzer to 'blood atonement,' which is one of our church. The doctrine of blood atonement is taken from the scripture in Genesis, wherein it is stated that whosoever sheddeth man's blood by man shall his blood be shed. We maintain that when one man murders another there is no forgiveness for the slayer.

"I know John W. Young, father of Hooper Young, well. He was always a bright and good man. He was the favorite son of Brigham Young. So far as Hooper Young is concerned, I do not recall now whether I ever met him or not."

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