Heber C. Kimball recalls the cholera outbreak that accompanied the end of Zion's Camp.

Jun 24, 1834 - Jun 25, 1834
Heber C. Kimball
Scribed Paraphrase

"History, 1838–1856, volume A-1 [23 December 1805–30 August 1834]," p. 505, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed June 15, 2021,

Manuscript History of the Church, Willard Richards
Joseph Smith, Jr., Heber C. Kimball
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

This night the cholera burst forth upon us, and about Midnight it was manifest in its most terrific form. The Our ears were saluted with cries and mournings, and lamentations on every hand: even those on guard fell to the earth with their guns in their hands, so sudden <​and powerful​> was the attack. of this terrible disease. At the commencement I attempted to lay on hands for their recovery, but I quickly learned by painful experience that when the Great Jehovah decrees destruction upon any people, <​and​> makes known his determination, man must not attempt to stay his hand. The moment I attempted to rebuke the disease, that moment I was attacked, <​it seized upon me like the talons of a hawk, and <​I said to the brethren​> if I had my work done, you have had to tumble me into the ground without a coffin​> and had I not desisted. I must have saved the life of my brother by the sacrifice of my own, for when I rebuked the disease it left him and seized me.

25 June 1834 • Wednesday

Early on the morning of the 25. the camp was separated into several small bands, and dispersed among the brethren living in the vicinity, and I wrote and sent by express, to “Messrs Thornton, [Alexander] Doniphan & [David R.] Atchison,” as follows

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