CC summarizes in PSM the varied response of church members to ML's comparison of DT and CM.

Oct 30, 2020
Christopher Cunningham
2nd Hand

Christopher D. Cunningham, "A Complicated Relationship: Latter-day Saints and Trump," Public Square Magazine (October 30, 2020).

Public Square Magazine
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But this solitary overplayed observation makes up only one part of a rather complicated picture of the relationship Latter-day Saints have with Donald Trump, highlighted by Supreme-Court-short-listed Latter-day Saint Senator Mike Lee comparing Trump to Latter-day Saint scriptural hero Captain Moroni this week. . . . Which brings us back to Mike Lee’s recent statement comparing the President to Captain Moroni. In a later clarification of his remarks on Facebook, the Senator elaborated: The point I was trying to make (however awkwardly) was…after working with and getting to know President Trump over the last four years, I now see him in a very different light than I did in 2016. . . . I have come to the conclusion that he has “s[ought] not for power, but to pull it down.” Translating Captain Moroni’s language into Donald Trump’s, he has relentlessly tried to “drain the swamp.” With the increased divisiveness of the Republican ticket among Latter-day Saints, this comparison was sure to draw much-deserved criticism among faithful Latter-day Saints. But for those many other Saints who have embraced the president, the comparison seems apt. As righteous as Captain Moroni was, he was also impetuous and at times ill-tempered. But he ultimately got the job done, just as they believe Trump has. In sum, it is certainly true that Latter-day Saints have rejected and opposed Donald Trump in ways unique to their history with past Republican Presidents, but ultimately that makes up only one part of a much larger story of the President’s relationship with the faith and its members.

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