RN uses CM story to describe US political conditions in early 2021.

Jan 4, 2021
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Rian Nelson

Rian Nelson, "Trump May Still Win- America WILL Remain!," Book of Mormon Evidence, January 4, 2021, accessed June 26, 2021

Rian Nelson, Donald Trump, Captain Moroni
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Captain Moroni was angry with the king-men for not fighting. He had worked hard to keep the Nephites free. Alma 51:14

He asked the governor for the power to make the king-men either fight the Lamanites or be put to death. Alma 51:15

When the governor, Pahoran, gave Moroni this power, Moroni led his army against the king-men. Alma 51:16–18

Many king-men were killed; some were put into prison. The rest agreed to help defend their country against the Lamanites. Alma 51:19–20

Freemen or King-men today?

Are we seeking to be Freemen or King-men today? I know our Constitution was founded on never having a King, and secured in our God given rights of Life, Liberty, and Property. (Happiness). If Men made the laws men could enforce them against us. Liberty means happiness, Freedom without Liberty means a tyrannical government.

If the Democrats continue to erode our constitution by taking away free speech, freedom of religion, our right to bear arms, allowing abortion, continually allowing illegals to cross our border, higher taxes, globalization, changing our history, etc, then we are bound to lose the Freemen status of the Book of Mormon.

I am a lifelong Conservative. I use to think I was a Republican, but that party has left me long ago. I thought maybe I fit in as a Libertarian, but that has never been a consideration. I grew up with my parents loving John Kennedy. Back then I didn’t care. I’m an even more staunch Conservative today more than ever. I’m a Freeman.

I voted for Trump as he seemed like the one who was most likely to get things done. I was worried he may become a Democrat and he may push abortion, but I was thankfully wrong. Trump has been the best President in my lifetime by far. Even a few notches above Reagan. I wouldn’t like Trump as my Bishop and I don’t look to him for spiritual advise, but he is a man of his word and a hard worker and he loves America and Americans. He has done more for minorities than anyone ever and he loves Israel. He protects the border, supports are right to bear arms, wants smaller government. He must be a good man since those who hate conservatives (Kingmen?) have been trying to get rid of him for 5 years. The more the Progressives hate Trump, the more I support him. There are always two sides and I don’t believe most Democrats are on the right side. There are probably in my opinion 20% of either side I respect. I believe 80% of our government is in it for themselves. We are getting further from the Freemen status of the Book of Mormon.

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