DN paraphrases lecture by Jean Capart on the BoA; says facsimiles are authentic, two out of three can be easily read.

Dec 8, 1924
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"Egyptologist Holds Pearl of Great Price Book Origin Authentic," Deseret News, December 8, 1924, Second Section, [1]

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Jean Capart, Joseph Smith, Jr., Deseret News
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"The original manuscripts from which the book called the Book of Abraham by the Latter-day Saints was translated are unquestionably of true Egyptian origin and the plates reproduced in the pages of the work are easily deciphered by one educated in Egyptology," declared Dr. Jean Capart Egyptologist of the University of Brussels, who arrived in Salt Lake Sunday.

"Two of the plates are read without difficulty, the characters being plain and elegible, but the third has been marred in reproduction for publication but it is clearly of authentic origin," he continued.

Dr. Capart said it was customary to place writings and manuscripts with the Egyptian dead after they were mummified, and said that the papyrus manuscripts found in the mummies sold to Joseph Smith were of true Egyptian origin so far as he has been able to discover. He said the characters on the plates reproduced for publication by Joseph Smith may be compared with recently discovered writings taken from Egyptian tombs and placed in the museum of the Brussels Egyptology Foundation of Queen Elizabeth, and a noted likeness aparent.

Speaking of the Egyptian knowledge of astronomy mentioned in the record translated by Joseph Smith, Dr. Capart said the people of the age spoken of possessed most advanced information concerning the planets and the stellar systems. He declared their knowledge was so accurate that from calculations made from the stars they worked out a calendar of 365 days to the year, with five days added at the beginning of each year to even up the enumeration. This vindicates the statement made in the Book of Abraham that the Egyptians were learned in the science, he said.

Dr. Capart lauded the Latter-day Saints for their study in Egyptian, wondering at the same time why there is not a greater study of the science as a result of the foundation of their religion has in the authenticity of their Book of Abraham. He suggested that even greater information similar to that possessed in the translation by Joseph Smith may be forthcoming with greater investigation of the Egyptian discoveries.

Dr. Capart was present at the opening of the tomb of King Tutankhamen as a member of the Belgian party with Queen Elizabeth, and has made many other studies and investigations concerning the ancient race. He is the author of several books on the subject.

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