Brigham Young tells George A. Hicks if he is guilty of participating in MMM, he would "try the remedy." He also affirms truth of Gospel not affected by massacre.

Feb 16, 1869
Brigham Young

Brigham Young, Letter to to George A. Hicks, 16 February, 1869. CR 1234 1, Church History Library

Alfred Cumming, Brigham Young, George A. Hicks
George A. Hicks

Dear Brother: I received your letter reciting a tale of grievances at which I am not a little surprised. What would be the judgment of any reasonable being after reading your letter, since you say, “The bloody scene passes before you day and night,” and “it rests with such weight upon your mind” &c, why, that you yourself must have been a participator in the horrible deed. If this is correct, one can readily imagine why “it rests with such weight upon your mind,” and “why you cannot sleep at nights”; the surprise would be that you could. In such a case, if you want a remedy—rope round the neck taken with a jerk would be very salutary. There are courts of law and officers in the Territory, appeal to them, they would be happy to attend to your case. If you are innocent you give yourself a great deal of foolish trouble. I would ask, why do not all the Latter-day Saints feel as you do? Simply because it does not concern them. As to your faith being shaken. If the Gospel was true before the “Mountain Meadow Massacre,” neither that nor any other event that may transpire can make it false. When Gov. Cumming was here, I pledged myself to lend him every assistance in my power, in men and means to thoroughly investigate that matter, but he declined to take any action. This offer I have made time and again, but it has never been accepted. Yet I have neither doubt nor fear on my mind but the perpetrators of that tragedy will meet their reward. God will judge this matter and on that assurance I rest perfectly satisfied. If you are innocent, you may safely do the same; if you are guilty, better try the remedy.

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