Wilford Woodruff records council meeting where actions against US army were discussed.

Aug 2, 1857
Personal Journal / Diary
Wilford Woodruff

Wilford Woodruff, Journal, August 2, 1857, The Wilford Woodruff Papers, accessed January 26, 2024

Wilford Woodruff
Brigham Young, Wilford Woodruff

many remarks were made upon the subject of sending the US troops to this Territory President Young said that our enemies will perish in their own corruptions. I think it will be well to send some missionaries through the states and tell the brethren to pick up their budgets & come to the valley and go to England let the brethren do this that go with the Mail The US are fools to come upon this people & so are those men who are bringing great quantities of Goods unto us this season if the United States send out troops to fight us this season we shall whip them out then they will send out reinforcements then we shall have the Lamanites with us & the more the United states send out the wors off they will be for they will perish with Famine. I do not think any thing about guns or powder for if the United States begin war with us I intend they shall furnish with arms and aminition all we want if they do undertake is the Lord will lead them or let them go into a snare and ther folly will be manifest. G. A. Smith said if we defeat them you may look for 100000 men. President Young said it would be so much the worse for them but I do not believe that He will get a great force here for if they are defeated this year the people will be down upon Bucannon But I should not wonder if we heard he was dead soon.

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