Salt Lake Tribune reports on the marker being torn down for a second time. Brigham Young is said to be main figure behind massacre.

May 27, 1874
Salt Lake Daily Tribune

"Mountain Meadows Monument," Salt Lake Daily Tribune 7, no. 37 (May 27, 1874): 2

Salt Lake Daily Tribune
George F. Pierue, Brigham Young, General P. E. Connor, General Carlton, Salt Lake Daily Tribune
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Our friends of the First Presidency will pardon us, we hope, for our frequent references to this subject. The theme is an unpleasant one to the priesthood, but somehow we love to revive the recollections of the massacre, lest its originators might forget that grand tragedy of the Latter-days. In 1858, the year following the butchery of the emigrants, ordered it is generally believed, by Ex Governor Young, the Mountain Meadows monument was erected in memory of the slaughtered victims of the Church by the late General Carlton at that time Captain of the Second Dragoons, and on the order of General Sydney A. Johnson, at that time commanding in Utah. Subsequently, the monument was destroyed by the Mormons, who could not stand such a rebuke of their diabolical guilty. The granite index pointing to Heaven for vengeance was too much for the red-handed priesthood, so they tore it down. But witnesses will rise again to testify above the blood shed in religion's name in that silent valley. In 1864, General P.E. Connor, being then in command of the military district of Utah, sent Captain George F. Pierue, of the 2nd California Calvary with a detail of men, to the scene of the Prophet's most sanguinary triumph, and the monument, re-erected over the bones of the slain, appealed again for Almighty retribution. Now, a second time has that column been demolished by the Destroying Angels of Zion, but it will rise once more and stand there in the beautiful vale of Mountain Meadows, telling to the ages yet to be, the story of a priesthood in the nineteenth century which offered human sacrifices to the demon Hate!

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