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Daniel Hanmer Wells

27 OCTOBER 1814–24 MARCH 1891

Born 27 Oct. 1814 at Trenton, Oneida Co., New York. Son of Daniel Wells and Catherine Chapin. Married Eliza R. Robison, at Commerce, Hancock Co., Illinois, 14 Mar. 1837. Served as justice of the peace at Commerce, 1838. Baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 9 Aug. 1846. Migrated to the Salt Lake Valley with the Brigham Young pioneer company, serving as aide-de-camp; arrived by 24 Sept. 1848. Appointed attorney general of the provisional state of Deseret, 12 Mar. 1849. Served as lieutenant general of the Nauvoo Legion in Utah Territory, 1849–1871. Served on the University of Deseret board of regents, 1850–1869, and as chancellor, 1869–1878. Elected as a judge for the Supreme Court of Deseret, 1850–1852; admitted to the territorial bar, 18 Oct. 1851. Served as a member of the territorial legislative council, 1851–1858, 1882, and as president, 1859–1864. Appointed as the superintendent of public works, Apr. 1852. Married EBW, 10 Oct. 1852, at Salt Lake City. Ordained as an apostle and appointed as second counselor to President Brigham Young, 4 Jan. 1857. Presided over the European mission, 1864–1865, 1884–1887. Served as mayor of Salt Lake City, 1866–1876. Presided over the work at the Endowment House, 1868–1876. Appointed counselor to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, 6 Oct. 1880. Appointed to preside over the Manti temple at its dedication, 16 May 1888. Died 24 Mar. 1891 at Salt Lake City.

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