John Doyle Lee addresses the Utah Stake of Zion at Provo relating his account of MMM.

Sep 27, 1857
Meeting Minutes / Notes
John Doyle Lee
Scribed Summary

Provo Utah Central Stake general minutes, 1849-1977 / Volume 10, 1855-1860, September 27, 1857, 945–46, LR 9629 11, Church History Library

James Snow, John Doyle Lee
Latter-day Saints

Br Snow Introduced Judge Lee from Washington Co. He said that he was a stranger to most of you &c & that you would like too hear from Re Lemuel &c. There was some Emigrants passed through & boasted verry much & they killd an ox & poisoned it for the Indians. Four or five of them Died one Mormon boy died & the marshall arrested one of them & they said where is your Damd Bishop & such like conduct. They then out out, & Cousin Lemuel told them that they was friends too the cause of Israel but they were enemies goo the gentiles & they killd all but three that got away in the ight. One was overtaken the next day &they was on track of the other two. That this was the condition of the Lamonites out where he was living & many other things. HE said of them seventeen Children was saved & brought intoo the settlements & that he was tryiung too live near unto the lord that we all might have an interest in the Kingdom that we might be permitted too return our father & mother in peace for which may the Lord Bless you all amen. Br. Snow then aroze & said how do you like it for I was in hopes that Every Damd shit ass had left the territory that there was. I talk plain & shall talk plain all the time . . . I have not sympathy for such people but there is a sympathy that is for the good of the Saints & that is right & saints should know when too sympathize we should too it when it is right . . .

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