Sumner Howard and William Nelson write that the Church was on the side of the prosecution during the Mountain Meadows Massacre trials.

Sep 23, 1876
William Nelson

William Nelson and Howard to Taft, September 23, 1876 in Record Group 60: General Records of the Department of Justice in the Source Chronological Files (Letters Received, 1871 - 1884, Entry A1 56), box 1015, file: Mountain Meadows Massacre Letters, 1874-1877, National Archives and Records Administration

William Nelson
Alphonso Taft, Sumner Howard, William Nelson
Alphonso Taft

It became apparent early in the investigation that there is no evidence whatever to connect the chief authorities of the Mormon church with the Massacre, on the contrary those authorities produced documents and other evidences showing early that not only was the great crime solely an individual offense on the part of those who committed it, but that the orders, letters, proclamations etc. which issued from the central Mormon authority which was also at the time the Territorial authority were directly and positively contrary to all shedding of blood, not only of emigrants passing through Utah, but also forbade the Killing of the Soldiers of Johnsons [sic] Army which was marching on Utah. Being satisfied of this the prosecution laid the case before the Mormon leaders and asked their aid in unrevealing the mystery of this foul crime. That aid was given and the horrid testimony is public from the mouths of eye witnesses, convicting the prisoner without the shadow of a doubt.

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